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Eye Candy Kids Staff

Delafield Certified Opticans
Hi! I'm Paula, and I'm the owner of Eye Candy Kids and I love all things optical! I decided, why should adults have all the fun choosing awesome glasses and sunglasses? Kids should have the same great choices and their own boutique to boot, so Eye Candy Kids was born. I'm a Certified Optician and have tons of experienc...
Milwaukee Certified Optician
As a kid, I was jealous of my brother because he got to wear glasses and I didn't! I could not wait for the day when I could have awesome eyewear of my own. With my obsession starting so long ago, it's no wonder I ended up at this playground known as Eye Candy Kids. I love to laugh and spend time with my husband Brian ...
Andrea, ABOC Optician With a Passion for Unusual Eyewear
Hi there, I'm Andrea! I've worn glasses since I was 18 months old (yep, that's a long time!), and they sure weren't as cute as the ones here at Eye Candy Kids!! My experience as a kid with glasses helps me when I'm finding you the perfect pair, especially because it's so COOL to wear glasses now! In 2017, I studied har...
Robin, An ABOC Certified Optician at Eye Candy Kids
I admit I am totally envious of Eye Candy Kids! I sure wish I could have visited this place when I was growing up... fun, fantastic colorful eyewear that could have been just for me. The great thing is now I can help you pick out your perfect pair (or two). Being a Certified Optician means that I have the "brains" to t...
Cindy Certified Optician
Hi, I'm Cindy and I'm so excited about Eye Candy Kids! We have the coolest selection around with so many great styles and colors to choose from that you'll want more than one. We have really colorful sunglasses too - my favorites are round. Bring your parents in with you and so we can show you frames and suns that fit ...
Brandon, a Certified Optician at Eye Candy Kids
I started wearing glasses when I was in 3rd grade. Unfortunately for me, glasses weren't cool when I had to start wearing them. The frames were big, the colors were boring, and the lenses were plain. But all that has changed now! When you come see us at Eye Candy Kids, you'll have so many awesome frame choices that you...

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