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Toddler Glasses

Cute Toddler Frames

When your toddler needs glasses, they need frames to fit their budding personality! At Eye Candy Kids, we offer an exceptional selection of toddler-sized frames in color combos, patterns and shapes your child will love! We understand the importance of a proper fit for their developing facial features. Our kid-friendly optical boutique is staffed with ABOC Certified Opticians with years of experience working with young children. We’ll help you find the cutest children's eyewear to comfortably and stylishly fit your toddler!

This age is the prime time to get your youngster in the habit of protecting their eyes. Sun damage is cumulative and easily preventable by wearing sunglasses or Transitions lenses, which are a simple and practical solution for younger kids. Plus, Eye Candy Kids offers adorable sunglasses for your mini-me’s!

We believe your tot’s in-store experience should be fun-filled and exciting! With bright colors and spirited décor, Eye Candy Kids was specifically designed with your child in mind. Your little one will feel like one of the big kids when they get to choose their very own fun and trendy toddler glasses.

Let us help you pick the right glasses for your toddler -- get in touch with the eyewear specialists at Eye Candy Kids

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