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Eyewear for School-Age Kids

Cool Kids Glasses

Children’s eyewear today isn’t what it used to be; It’s so much MORE! More fashionable and better lens solutions mean happier kids. Our team at Eye Candy Kids curates a selection with these kids in mind: more sophisticated than the flexible frames of their toddler years, but still age-appropriate and in kid-approved colors. We always address the fitting needs of children while considering their developing personalities and wants. Your child’s glasses should be as unique as they are!

At Eye Candy Kids, our staff are ABOC Certified Opticians. Not only can we assist with a rockin’ frame selection, but we ensure that your kid’s lenses will help them see their very best. We love assisting children, and we have the knowledge and experience to fit them in the very best eyewear around.

We strongly encourage kids to protect their eyes with sports glasses and sunglasses. Sun damage is cumulative, and it will affect their eyes later in life. In addition to sunglasses, Transitions lenses are a fantastic and practical solution for children. You only get one pair of eyes and they’re easy to protect! We’ll help your kids do so in style.

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